Building a Passionate Community is Different Than Inbound Marketing

I completely agree, although each individual should explore other avenues, based on their “reach” goals.

David Cummings on Startups

Recently I was talking with an entrepreneur who has been implementing inbound marketing best practices for years but not getting much value. His startup is past the product / market fit stage and now he’s working on building a repeatable customer acquisition machine and needs to fill the top of the marketing funnel (see Lead Generation Drives SaaS Startups). On the inbound marketing front, he’s been writing blog posts, creating white papers, nurturing followers on Twitter, and following search engine optimization recommendations.

After thinking about it for a minute, I commented that implementing inbound marketing best practices is different from building a passionate community. Here are a few thoughts on it:

  • Standard content, while keyword rich, often isn’t edgy or strongly opinionated
  • Offline interaction and building personal rapport is an important ingredient in cultivating a community
  • Audience engagement is readily measured based on number of comments, retweets, and follow-up…

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