Can’t Stop… Won’t Stop

YES!! Whew, this has been one (bleep) of a day 😦 I’ve been struggling with the slowest WiFi service today. I’m talking dial-up speed slow! The carrier said the tower in this area was having some maintenance done, so the service would be slow for a while to come. What’s not-so-funny is that, even though my pages were timing out more often than changing, the MBs were counting like they were in a race… hmm. But the rep did instruct us on how to change to 4G LTE and that was a game changer… YEAH!

Thankfully, yet exhausted by now, I was able to get a great bit of work done. Enough to let me sleep well tonight, anyway. I added the first 46 items in our new ‘Baby’ line. I even had time to edit pictures and make a collage for the new Facebook header. I luv it 🙂 I was did some work with newsletter subscriber list, plus I slow email pic

had time to engage on Facebook with a couple of friends. Job well done.


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