Self-Tying ‘Power Laces’ of Back to the Future Fame Are Coming in 2015

This ought to be super cool for those of us old enough… excuse me… mature enough to remember the original. I can hear the argument with my kids and their friends now that this is original. Boy oh boy 🙂


In 2011 Nike unveiled a replica of the iconic kicks worn by Marty McFly in  B ack to the Future II , much to the delight of both sneakerheads and  Back to the Future  fanatics. The proceeds went directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundation, dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.

So all of that was great, obviously, but what wasn’t great about these shoes—called the Nike Air Mag—was that they lacked one key feature: the self-tying power laces that blew McFly’s mind in the movie. Luckily, that is about to change, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield told Sole Collector.

Hatfield didn’t specify whether they’ll show up on new versions of the Nike Air Mag or on an entirely new product, but who cares? The future is here. Self-tying power laces are here. Or at least, they’ll be here in 2015, which just so happens to be the year…

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