A Fantabulous Birthday Week!



Yep… that’s my word. Fantastic nor fabulous, quite get my point across so the hybrid, fantabulous, says it all. Well, I am quite the happy camper these days. For one, we just shipped off our first order on Wednesday. Well, technically it wasn’t the first order, since the real first customer’s item is on back order. The order we shipped was interesting, to say the least… ten 16G memory sticks. I remember thinking, “Are they like a school teacher or something?” Lol  But, hey, an order is an order, right? Their package was delivered Friday, as scheduled, so I get to follow up with them on Monday. I’m excited!

Thursday was my birthday and I was in tears most of the day. Tears of joy from all the birthday shout outs, calls and texts I received. It was overwhelming, no doubt. I have a large family so it’s impossible to know them all. A lot of us are friends on Facebook but, even there, don’t interact too often. This year on my birthday, I must’ve heard from at least 40 of them just on FB… WOW! Like I said, tears of joy 🙂

My husband, Mike, truly made it Christmas on my birthday. You might read this and say, “Ok. That’s not really a birthday gift though.” What you have to realize is that, I’m so frugal… no… cheap when it comes to buying for myself, that he always has to buy certain types of items that we need, for me ON my birthday (or Christmas)  Otherwise, I’ll get upset. So, Mike bought me a wireless keyboard and mouse set, for starters. The reason being, is that, our Motion PC only has 2 USB ports. When doing the paperwork, either the mouse, keyboard, or printer has to be unplugged, making paperwork a much loathed task. But, like I said, I wouldn’t buy a wireless set.

The other gifts Mike gave me were two bluetooth headsets. Why two? The first is great, but not so much when driving in the truck because the noise cancellation is poor. But I LOVE them! So, he bought me another bluetooth headset (I actually had this same one but broke it) with excellent noise cancellation so I can handle business while driving. I couldn’t ask for a better gift. Now, I could get upset because he didn’t buy them from my online store, but I’ll give him a pass this time. But the router he wants to go get… Lol

Yes, I am very happy with how the week went. With all of the above, Even Mother Nature showed me lots of love with the much warmer temps this week. 60+ and I am like a kid in a candy store. I didn’t even mind that none of my clothes were suitable for the weather, no complaints. Now, the trip to Ft. Drum, NY yesterday… Ugh! That was then, this is now… 63 and loving it. True inspiration for the ad campaign I’m thinking about doing next week to promote our all natural, made-to-order health and beauty products. This has been an unusually harsh winter, and I know my skin has suffered. I’m sure I’m not alone.




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