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There is one thing that really burns me up when it comes to poor customer service. When a company offers better deals to obtain new customers that their existing customers aren’t even privy to. This post is a perfect example of how SiriusXM fought tooth and nail to not offer my husband, Mike, the same plan and pricing that the new customers were getting.

This has been an ongoing saga for over four years, so let me start from the very beginning. Mike first subscribed to Sirius Satelite Radio back in 2004. (His favorite station, to date, is Shade45). Ok, well, fast-forward to 2010. Mike bought a 2010 Honda Accord that came with 90 days free SiriusXM Radio. The 2010 Accord sat in the garage more than it rode on the road, so Mike decided that, when the free trial period was over, he wouldn’t pay for the SiriusXM service in the Accord. 

Of course, SiriusXM called about once per month from the week after Mike drove the Accord off the car lot. Then the calls starting to come about once each week, as the end of the trial period got closer. Side note… Mike had cancelled his subscrption back in 2009 because the comedy stations were playing the same skits over and over again. Plus Shade45 had gone downhill and was somewhat boring. Read more


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