The Social Side Of Customer Service

Being savvy in social media is not only important, but imperative in establishing your brand and obtaining new customers. It is a key element needed to build your business and brand. as well as retain and build relationships with current customers. You need to get with the social times, because according to best-selling author Erik Qualman, as he reported in his video Socialnomics 2014:

  • 93% of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media 
  • 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations 
  • only 14% trust advertisements
  • Shoppers have an attention span of :06 seconds (:07 for goldfish)

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How are you using social media to get potential customers to know, like and trust you and your brand?

Every business, large and small,  should focus on obtaining new customers. Unfortunately, too many companies allocate more resources into getting new business, neglecting, to a degree, their current customers. It has always been said that repeat customers are every business’s goal. So why doesn’t it feel like that with every company I deal with? Do you ever feel a bit jealous when you see these killer deals say, your cell phone service provider, is offering to new customers only? I’m sure they are aware of the 80/20 rule. We know that 80% of your business will come from 20% of your customers. Shouldn’t it be just as important, if not critical, to include your current customers in your social media strategy? It’s easier to market to people who have already bought what your selling, right? Read more


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