The Personal Side Of Customer Service Part 1 of 3

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It’s been ever more apparent that, when shopping, there’s a good chance that you”ll come across a store clerk or manager who is just not having a good day. Or could it be that they’re not having a great life? Let me tell you, in my experience as a consumer for almost four decades, and in the workforce for over three decades, how I see people, in general. You have three types of people in this world (you may have heard or noticed this):

1. Optimist – (see the Wikipedia definition of optimism) – This type of person sees the cup as half-full, meaning they see each                 situation as being a great one. It’s hard for the typical optimist to get down about people or life in general. Instead, they’ll explore         and suggest all the options they think might improve, or solve the problem. What I do know is, it’s rare to find optimists in close            personal relationships with the following two types.

2. Skeptic – (see the Wikipedia definition) – I believe the majority of people, in this country, live in this category. Why? It seems that         we are the most positive, upbeat kids. But, by time we get to junior high school, something happens and our view of the world has       greatly diminished. We still have dreams about what our future holds; college, family, etc., but they are streamlined from what they       had been. Gone are the days of being the first female President or winning the Nobel Peace Prize. 

3. Pessimist – (see the Wikipedia definition for pessimism) – This is the person who sees, or foresees, the most negative outcome in       every situation and person. A blue sky is seen as somewhat cloudy by this person. The idea of doing something out of the norm, is     automatically shot down with a comment like, “That’s not going to work.” or “Who told you that was a good idea?” AVOID THESE           PEOPLE! If you have any dreams or imagination about doing anything different than what mainstream society says, you do not           want, or need, this person in your circle. Dream-killers is what I call them.

Unfortunately, we can’t help who we’re related to. Oftentimes, the biggest skeptics and pessimists in our lives, are “right in our own backyard.” The parents, aunts, cousins, even siblings, who “just don’t get it.” Like I stated in the optimist section, the skeptic and pessimist tend to form strong, lasting bonds. What’s the old cliche? “Birds of a feather flock together.” I’m a huge proponent that, just because someone is related to you, doesn’t mean you have to include them in your close circle. I love family and the whole concept behind get-togethers and family reunions. I love learning about how different our grandparents’ culture was from how we live today. I know I’m truly blessed to have access to this historical family data, so-to-speak, of our family’s great story. Read the full post.


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