Amazon Fathers Day 2014

Don’t forget about those extra special Dads in your life!

I’m not superstitious by far. Yes, when I was little, I played the ‘Step on a crack and break your mother’s back game. I didn’t put a literal meaning to it, though. This date holds a much more profound mark in my life.

I couldn’t help it! 11 years ago, today, I took a giant leap into the uncertain world of self-employment… YEAH! I turned my two-week notice in to my supervisor. He asked, “Ms. Scott are you sure you want to do this?” I did and I did. Thinking about it over the weekend wasn’t an option. No. I was ready to go and put my county government job behind me.

I have no regrets, never turned back. Sure, there’s been ups and plenty of downs. But, the ups have been so great, it makes the downs seem petty. “And this, too, shall pass.” How dare we complain, right?! Lol The transportation industry has its seasons. From what I gather, just about every industry does. If nobody tells you, it’s a learning process, which can take years to figure out. As long as you’re in an industry that you love and offers an opportunity for growth and continued inspiration, the lessons learned are well worth it. 

I have always urged people to go for their goals. Follow their dreams. Don’t take ‘No’ for an answer. When I’m asked by a ‘wanna-preneur’, “What kind of business should I start”, I ask the questions, “If all of your needs, and a reasonable amount of wants are met, what would you do for free?” This is the best way to start down the journey of self-employment/ entrepreneurship. Think about what drives you and what will keep you driven. What will have you put in a few more hours at night to get the business up and running? There are tons of business you can start or buy into, that will bring you monetary returns. But that becomes just another job when your heart isn’t in it.  Read the full article



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