The Personal Side Of Customer Service Part of 3

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Last week I wrote the first part of this three-part post, going into the traits of an optimist (see The Personal Side Of Customer Service Part 1 of 3). This week, I’m going to explore the traits and habits of an A-typical skeptic. I’ve inserted the Wikipedia definitions for all three personalities for a quick reference.

(Photo via Kevin Lisota)

1. Optimist – (see the Wikipedia definition of optimism) – This type of person sees the cup as half-full, meaning they see each situation as being a great one. It’s hard for the typical optimist to get down about people or life in general. Instead, they’ll explore and suggest all the options they think might improve, or solve the problem. What I do know is, it’s rare to find optimists in close personal relationships with the following two types.

2. Skeptic – (see the Wikipedia definition) – I believe the majority of people, in this country, live in this category. Why? It seems that we are the most positive, upbeat kids. But, by time we get to junior high school, something happens and our view of the world has greatly diminished. We still have dreams about what our future holds; college, family, etc., but they are streamlined from what they had been. Gone are the days of being the first female President or winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

3. Pessimist – (see the Wikipedia definition for pessimism) – This is the person who sees, or foresees, the most negative outcome in every situation and person. A blue sky is seen as somewhat cloudy by this person. The idea of doing something out of the norm, is automatically shot down with a comment like, “That’s not going to work.” or “Who told you that was a good idea?” AVOID THESE PEOPLE! If you have any dreams or imagination about doing anything different than what mainstream society says, you do not want, or need, this person in your circle. Dream-killers is what I call them.

Ok. So what does a typical Skeptic look, sound and act like? Well, let me take you back to the above picture. Does it look like the makings of a gloomy day? Or could it be the clouds are opening up for the sun to shine through? Who you ask will determine the response you receive. If you ask the Optimist, you’ll most likely get the latter of the two descriptions. But if you ask a Pessimist, it is probably always gloomy, no matter what the sky looks like.  However, if you ask a Skeptic, their answer may be on either side of the spectrum or somewhere in between, depending on their thought process. How the sky looks will not have much to do with what they think is going on with it. (The picture above came from an interesting article, “Employee Satisfaction:The 50 cities have the happiest workers“… good read)


A Skeptic looks like most of us, but may frown a bit more. A Skeptic sounds like most of us, but tends to be more argumentative. Lastly, a Skeptic acts like most of us, but is more apprehensive and calculating in just about every aspect of their life. This is what we’re going to get in to in the post. I want you to think about this slight, but very significant differences as you read the entire article. Then, I want your input on if you feel you are an Optimist or Skeptic (no judging over here) and how that has helped, slowed you down or prohibited you altogether from working toward your ideal lifestyle. Read full article



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