The Personal Side Of Customer Service Part 3 of 3

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Last week I wrote the second part of this three-part post, going into the traits of The Skeptic (see The Personal Side Of Customer Service Part 2 of 3). This week, I’m going to explore the traits and habits of an A-typical Pessmist. I’ve inserted the Wikipedia definitions for all three personalities (The Optimist, Skeptic and Pessimist) for a quick reference.

1. Optimist – (see the Wikipedia definition of optimism) – This type of person sees the cup as half-full, meaning they see each situation as being a great one. It’s hard for the typical optimist to get down about people or life in general. Instead, they’ll explore and suggest all the options they think might improve, or solve the problem. What I do know is, it’s rare to find optimists in close personal relationships with the following two types.

2. Skeptic – (see the Wikipedia definition) – I believe the majority of people, in this country, live in this category. Why? It seems that we are the most positive, upbeat kids. But, by time we get to junior high school, something happens and our view of the world has greatly diminished. We still have dreams about what our future holds; college, family, etc., but they are streamlined from what they had been. Gone are the days of being the first female President or winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

3. Pessimist – (see the Wikipedia definition for pessimism) – This is the person who sees, or foresees, the most negative outcome in every situation and person. A blue sky is seen as somewhat cloudy by this person. The idea of doing something out of the norm, is automatically shot down with a comment like, “That’s not going to work.” or “Who told you that was a good idea?” AVOID THESE PEOPLE! If you have any dreams or imagination about doing anything different than what mainstream society says, you do not want, or need, this person in your circle. Dream-killers is what I call them.

Well family, I have to admit that I had to some serious digging to find a bit more information on The Pessimist. This way of life and thinking has never been a part of my character or overall makeup. I did, however, find what I read extremely interesting. At the same time, it was somewhat depressing. It’s horrifying to know that people really feel, act and think in such a negative way, that it hinders them from truly enjoying life, having healthy relationships and “going for the gold.” As I’ve mentioned before, I have family who I looked at as being skeptical of any and everything different. But the research I came across brought The Pessimist’s view of life into another light altogether.

In Prevention MagazineI found an article titled, “The Pessimist’s Guide To Being Optimistic“, that covered the main concerns with being a pessimist, that I already knew, such as:

  • Overall isolation 
  • Health risks
  • Inability to reach full potential and much more

What I wasn’t aware of, and what helped me better understand the pessimists in my life is that:

  • A 9-year study of cardiovascular health in more than 900 men and women in the Netherlands found that pessimists not only die sooner of heart disease than optimists, but they also die sooner of just about everything
  • A pessimist can vault themselves into a worst-case scenario in a nanosecond
  • Pessimists make less money and have shorter marriages than Optimists

These are HUGE! My heart goes out to pessimists simply because I feel that we all have a choice. Even if you grew up in the worst-case scenario, there has to be a way for you to see the bright side of life. For starters, you woke up! Isn’t that a great start? There are people rising above their circumstances every single day! They are finding ways to make their life their own. I know I did! Read full blog post


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