A Positive Customer Service Experience

After a great response to the 3-part blog post, The Personal Side Of Customer Service, I decided to come from the approach of what does the customer see, hear and experience from someone who is great at what they do… delivering a sterling customer experience. We oftentimes deal with less than good customer service because the person helping us is not in the best mood or not willing to help solve our problem, whatever the case may be. I’ve written about these cases, in my own life. 

However, there are many great experiences that go unnoticed by management and never mentioned. I haven’t figured out why, but it’s been noted, time and time again, how human nature draws us to the negative,…the OMG side of life. I have a very good experience that I’d like to share with you. It’s the small, but awesome, interactions that stick in my mind. I had been looking for an umbrella to match this off-the-wall, burnt orange patio set I recently purchased. The store I bought the set from was all out of patio umbrellas. I went to another store but they did not have an umbrella to match. The two styles they had wouldn’t work, in my opinion. The clerk suggested I go to Garden Ridge, but as I explained to him, I didn’t want to drive any further, and the closest Garden Ridge was about 5 miles in the opposite direction from my house.

“Well,” he said, “you can take one of these umbrellas for now. If you truly aren’t satisfied with the look, bring it back next weekend. At least you’ll be able to sit on your back deck and get some work done without baking in the sun. (it was 88 and sunny that day) Just bring it back with your receipt for a full refund.” Now, I know this may sound dumb, or lazy, depending how you look at it, but he knew what he was doing. I’m sure he figured that, if I didn’t want to drive to Garden Ridge now, I probably wouldn’t want to drive there at any time. And he was right. I also told him that I had planned on ordering from their website for the past month, but hadn’t done that yet. It wasn’t a hard sell, but he played on my weakness. He also knew that many people loathed the idea of standing in their customer service line, which is notorious for being extremely long and slow. Read the rest of the article



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