“Great” to “Good Lord!” Customer Service Experiences

I hope you had a wonderful week, especially if you’re in the southeast, considering the weather. Has it been wet or what?! Well, that’s what I heard. Actually, my husband, Mike and I, took the kids on a family reunion cruise last week. First stop was Coco Cay. Then on to Nassau, Bahamas. It was a little bit rainy there, too. It rained on our way to Florida, while we were in Florida and spots of drizzle here and there while in The Bahamas. Hurricane season… ’nuff said! Lol But the rain was much appreciated because it helped cool the temps down big time!

cruise paddle boat pic 7.9.14FYI… We never did make it to the other island. Lol

Anyway, I figured this trip offered tons of good examples of the different levels of customer service and the lessons we can learn from them. I’m going to share just a few of them. So let’s get the party started, shall we?Day 1 – Luggage issues – I was ill-informed by a family member that we could bring on 2 bottles of bubbly per paid cabin. 3 cabins equals 6 bottles, right? Wrong! (Mike and I were celebrating our anniversary) Long story short, my luggage was held from 11am when I checked them in until approximately 6:30pm. Good news is, they only took 1 bottle. It was the cheap stuff so… Hehe. Crazy part is, we didn’t drink any of them!

The biggest problem I had was with the level of service we received when told to go to the 6th floor to claim the bags. The clerk had such a nasty attitude when telling us, “It’s not here yet.” I wondered if he even wanted to be here. There’s never a good reason to be so rude, especially when someone is inquiring about their property. With this being one of the first encounters with a crew member, I wondered if they were all going to offer the same level of customer service. I am glad to report that, no, thankfully he was the exception!

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Day 2 – Laundry Service issues – Our special family reunion dinner was on the 2nd day, so the dress code was a bit more formal, black and white. Well, my husband and the boys, needed their suits ironed. (The cruise confiscated Mike’s iron until the end of the trip.) They sent their clothes down to the laundry service at about 3:30pm and was told getting them back by 5:15 was no problem. WRONG! Apparently, getting them back by 6:20 was a problem. So much for dressing up for our 5:45 dinner seating 😦 We received a number of apologies, but that didn’t discount the even bigger number of lies, from “They’re already done and on the way to your stateroom.” to “They’ll be done in 3-5 minutes.” Honesty beats out unrealistic expectations any day of the week! Read entire post

Nassau Ind Day fireworks 7.9.14

We were leaving the Port of Nassau as the Bahamian Independence Day Celebration began


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