The 5 ‘W’s of Customer Service

With the ever-changing methods of delivering customer service, it is imperative that we, as individuals, keep a never-changing grip on the Who, What, Where, When and Why in what we do and how we do it. Today, we’re going to explore the basic principles that should guide us through every customer interaction, in hopes of keeping our focus on the end result… offering a great customer experience (and not losing our sanity in the process).

Who – We know that when dealing with certain people, we will be reminded that, “I am the customer so I am right.” or something along those lines. Well, on one hand, they are correct. But first, what made them feel the need to make this comment? Did they disagree with the resolution to their problem that you suggested? Are they wanting something that is so far out of the scope of what you offer, that even the compromise you are offering isn’t satisfactory to them?

Companies are on a trek to please each customer at just about any cost. A business will literally “go in the red” during a transaction in an attempt to 1. ensure that the customer will come back, 2. in hopes that the customer will refer friends and family or 3. at the very least, that the customer will not write a negative review or post negative comments on social media. Unfortunately, there are people who know these facts and will exploit them to get what they want. It’s the today’s equivalent of the 80’s comment, “Let me speak to your supervisor, please.” Ooo… that left you with the worst feeling in the pit of your stomach, right?! Read the entire post


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