Why Not Offer Top Notch Customer Service?

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I read an article in Forbes today titled, “4 Lessons From the Red Carpet On Customer Service“. It was so plainly explained just how easy the art of customer service is to master. Receiving great service has greatly diminished in recent years. It seems like the more competition that has surfaced in the online and brick-and-mortar retail arena, as well as the services space, the more nonchalant customer service has become. I’ve yet to understand this. I have said time and time again that customers are what you need and should want. Customers are who pay your bills (even though they don’t literally “write the check”), so why do so many… too many people feel that offering a customer their butt to kiss, because they’re having a bad day, is alright?! Just go clock out and try it again the next day.

The article uses Beyonce as an example, but shouldn’t each and every one of your customers be a Beyonce? Do they have to be a mega-celebrity or be filthy rich for you to do your job to the best of your ability? NO! I’ve said it to Customer Service Reps, on the phone and face-to-face, if you don’t like dealing with customers, go buy an island and treat yourself like crap! It’s ridiculous to think that a customer is going to pay a dime for someone to suck their teeth, roll their neck (and, no, this is not a racial thing) or make a negative comment in another language and think that the customer should just deal with it… SERIOUSLY?! I beg to differ! 

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