Just to Put Your Mind At Ease

Amazon back 2 school

I read an article, the other day, titled, “3 in 4 Consumers Concerned About Security of Financial Data Online.” The article talks about the outcome of a survey taken by online consumers, and touches on 3 key topics related to online shopping:

1. “Nearly all of the 2,100 respondents said they cared about their online privacy.” 

2. “Three out of four American consumers are most concerned about the security of their financial data.” 

3. Lastly, and most shocking statement (to me anyway), is that “93 percent of those surveyed believed they should have “full rights” to their information.” 

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Ok, so let’s take a closer look at each of these statements, one by one:

1. “… Cared about online privacy”… seriously?! Yeah, I’m sure that’s how the Gmail account holder who got busted for kiddie porn felt, too! You can read that article titled, “Google Helps Police Arrest Man After Finding Explicit Images of a Child in His Gmail Account” Read full article



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