Scratch and Sniff Customer Service

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Warning: If you are a good visualizer and have a weak stomach, I’ll understand if you don’t want to read this post. Trust me, I wouldn’t want to read it, much less, experience it up-close and personal! But I did, so now I’m going to share this less-than-pleasant experience with you.

What sparked this week’s post was a recent visit to a retail store we frequent often (that’s why I won’t mention the name). I finished getting my items and walked up to the register to check out. I was next in line. As I approached, I noticed a strong odor. It was a mixture of bad breath, underarm stench and dirty hair, topped off with clothes that wreaked of cigarette smoke… OMG! I have a weak stomach when it comes to bad odor and this was certainly a vomit-provoking experience. The only problem was that I couldn’t tell if it was coming from the clerk or the customer in front of me. They both looked decent, but somebody’s “B.O” told a totally different story! Read full post




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