What a Week! What a Week!!

You know I always have some outrageous, yet true, stories to share with you. Well this week has been an over-the-top roller coaster of a week TO SAY THE LEAST! The issues actually started a week ago, Thursday, so it’s been a hell-acious eleven days. As most of you probably know by now, my bread-and-butter business is a small trucking company that my husband, Mike, and I own and operate. We run as a “team”, meraning we usually cover about 4-5000 miles per week. For the past 5 months we’d been on a sweet run under contract that paid quite nicely… same money, less miles. Pump the breaks! That all came to a halt and jolt very abruptly. Boy oh boy… abruptly is putting it mildly.

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So on that particular Thursday, our dispatcher says, “Hey, we haven’t been given the loads for next week yet. We’re meeting with their head ups in the morning so be patient with me while I find out what’s going on.” Well, Friday morning turned into Tuesday morning. Mike and I have been trucking long enough to know that contracts change with the wind, so trailer hunting we go. We finally find one Wednesday that’s finally ready to roll on Thursday. We pickup a load Thursday heading to Laredo, Tx and we’re off! Read entire post


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