A Nose Dive In Customer Service

Have you heard about the Denver, Colorado-bound 85 year old woman, Alice Vaticano, who, in her wheelchair, was stranded in Newark-Liberty Airport for hours?! Oowee… Can you imagine that happening to you or a loved one?! I would’ve been livid if Southwest Airlines had done that to either my 83 year old grandmother, or my 87 year old grandmother! Actually, to any of my family members. There is no other way to put it. I’ve included the link to the CBS News article on this story titled, “Elderly woman stranded for hours at Newark Airport“. 

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I couldn’t help but write about this extremely low level of customer service by the airline. As if flying isn’t one of the most aggravating hassles, in my opinion, now you have to be left in the middle of an airport for hours?! The poor lady, Ms. Vaticano didn’t make it to her destination (Denver, Co) until 11 hours from the time her daughter dropped her off at Newark-Liberty Airport. Read full article


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