Life Transformation: Developing a Pre-Goal Setting Mindset

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If you read last week’s blog post, “So Long Summer: A Personal Gripe With a Twist,” you know that i am gearing up to make a couple of major changes in my own life. The biggest change will be to live a much healthier lifestyle… eating better, exercising, etc. I’m no stranger to taking on this particular hurdle.The only real challenge here for me, as with most people in my position, is to practice the healthier lifestyle on acontinuous basis. I’ve lost 30+ pounds twice in my lifetime (not including post-pregnancy) and 20+ pounds a few other times. Needless to say, weight control is the biggest obstacle I face on a daily basis. Thankfully I was raised by a vegetarian and was an athlete much longer than I was, well… not so athletic. I know how to do it. It’s just a matter of getting it done!

plant a tree

Although the major change in my life is to be more mindful of my food-intake and step up my exercising regime, there are different areas where people choose to improve in their own life. Do any of these sound familiar: (Found on

  1. Lose weight – this is the #1 New Year’s Resolution every year!
  2. Get organized – this is #2 and, yes, on my list as well
  3. #3 is to spend less and save more – although this is not on my list, I actively work to improve my finances

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