Personal Development – The Physical Side, Part 1 of 3

fitness picPersonal Development has three sides: physical, mental and spiritual. In this blog post we’ll explore the physical side and see how it affects how we treat ourselves and others. Developing ourselves on a physical level may seem easy to some, but is actually hard for most. Everyday you see pictures of the beautiful models and actresses who we are supposed to resemble, right? It’s an ongoing saga. Believe me, I truly understand why eating disorders are a huge concern for the parents of teens and pre-teens. Let’s face it, We have a ton of outside forces saying we should look, act and feel a certain way.

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As the mother of a girl, I had to constantly reinforce, in my daughter, the need to look and act in a way that she was comfortable. To make matters worse, my daughter was not your normal looking black girl.n Briana is has a light complexion with red hair and no freckles. Because she looked so different for the southerners she was raised around, she was teased and picked on from daycare up to about 9th grade. The other black girls insisted that her father was white and that she listened to “white” music. The fact that she spoke “white”, meaning with proper grammar, didn’t help matters in the least bit.



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