Not Looking Forward to the Holidays?

Believe it or not, the holidays are actually the least favorite time of year for about 10-20% of Americans, according to Just like birthdays, anniversaries and other significant dates, “the holidays,” can mean a (long) period of time that makes people want to crawl in their shell, for a few weeks, until a week or two after New Year’s. This can be a stressful time for the individual, but even more disturbing for their family and friends. Why? Because they simply don’t understand what’s “wrong.” with their loved one. In this post I’ll give you some tips on how to cope a little easier with this time of year, it will also give you suggestions on how you can help a loved one deal with the holidays and come out a bit more joyous, if for nothing else, but just about life.

So, why do people get depressed, or even angry, during this time of year? The reasons can vary as much as the different colors of the rainbow. However, the most common reasons are:

  1. Pressure to spend money they don’t really have, oftentimes creating more debt
  2. The idea that you have to attend group functions to celebrate the holidays
  3. No family or friends to celebrate with and unable to travel to see them

And the list goes on and on. There are as many depression-provoking events and thoughts as there are churches in Atlanta, Ga! Not to make light of the situation, but to stress how wide the spectrum of reasons, causing this state of mind, can be.

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Depression in the words of Robin Williams

According to Dr. Ken Duckworth, MD, Medical Director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, referring to people suffering with depression of any type,  “They’re just straight up miserable, and that’s not only for people with clinical depression.” (WebMD’s article, “25 Ways to Find Joy and Balance During the Holiday.” If you’re just not the social butterfly and prefer spending the holidays alone, there isnothing wrong with that! I can certainly relate and I’ve never been diagnosed with any type of depression. People are so quick to put a label on individuals who don’t “fit it with the norm.” Don’t  believe the hype! You are just fine 🙂



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