How Are You?

Dr Seuss be you 12.7.14How are you doing these days? I’m asking about your emotional, physical and spiritual self. Not just at this time of year, but especially during the holiday season, we are so concerned with everyone else, that we tend to neglect our own health. We don’t get the proper amount of sleep needed to ward off those nasty germs, and we skimp on eating the good foods that help keep our immune system strong enough to keep fighting for us.

So how are you? Let’s go over a quick checklist of the most common areas of our health we let fall by the wayside. Let’s make sure you are up to the job of maintaining a healthy life that makes and keeps you happy.

Physical – This is the part of us that suffers the most because all the other areas of our being play a part in it. How are you doing with:

  • Eating – This is the best time to start cutting out, or at least down, on those sugary snacks and gooey goodies. I know it’s hard, trust me, but it is oh so necessary. Staying healthy, looking and feeling good, counts on it. Increase your soup and juice intake to help with this. (Note – if you eat store bought soup, try to get ‘Reduced Sodium’. When buying juices, opt for the ‘No Sugar Added’ choices)
  • Exercise – Even if you don’t follow a regular workout schedule, just a few easy stretches, for a minimum of 5-10 minutes each day, will help get and keep your juices flowing. This will help fight off many of the common illnesses that prey on weak bodies during the winter months.
  • Dress warm – You don’t have to buy a $200 coat to make sure you stay warm during the winter months. That same $200 can buy you a couple of coats, hats, scarves and gloves. As a single mom for many years, stretching my pennies was second nature during the winter months. Who wants to be called from work to pick a sick kid up from school, right?

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