Another one for the record books

Yes, we’ve survived another Christmas… Amen!! I hope your holiday season is going as well as you expected and planned for 🙂  Were you good enough to get all the goodies you asked for? I was! My grandmother FINALLY hand-quilted an afghan for me… YEAH!! I would show you a pic, but I accidentally left it at her house on Christmas 😦  My kids and grandson are on their way to see her now and will bring it back for me.

seasons greeting gif

How are you celebrating the holidays (solo, with family, etc)? Did you stay local or did you travel to visit friends or family? If you’re traveling, how’s that going? Well, we stayed home, besides going to visit my grandmother about 9 miles away.

I’m not a big fan of being on the roads during the holidays. Too many people drink and drive and this Christmas was no exception! You would’ve thought there was a drag race on the streets in Marietta… ZOOM ZOOM!


I did cook my usual Christmas feast. Starting with seasoning the 12lb turkey on Christmas Eve and soaking the black eyed peas. Then 9:30am Christmas morning, the masterpiece began. Other than the usual lip-smacking and moaning Mmm from my family, I must admit, I did put my foot in it this year! That’s why I don’t cook too often. You’d have to roll me out the door. No self control! Lol



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