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So You Want To Create the Ultimate Holiday Feast But…

Big dinners are symbolic for the holidays, especially during the Winter months. Let’s face it. There’s a direct correlation between cold weather and food. Big dinners seem to be a breeze for people raised in big households or families. Big meals, historically, have been the anchor for family gatherings. This has been the case for centuries, from the poor to the upper class, and across all nationalities. Food… it is the ultimate peace maker, right?

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Well, if you come from a small household or family, maybe you didn’t grow up helping your mother or grandmother in the kitchen. So, you didn’t learn how to make Baked Mac & Cheese from scratch. Or just how to season the potato salad just right. No worries, today we’re going to give you some great resources, tips and tools that will help you look like a seasoned chef. You have a few weeks to practice your new techniques, before Christmas, so tweak it to your style and taste.

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First, let’s start with a must-have cookbook, in my opinion, that will put that finger-licking, soulful taste in any dish. I suggest you order one of these cookbooks to help you get started:



Your Holiday Feast Made A Little Easier

Cooking doesn’t have to be such a chore. It’s time to get cracking on the holiday feast, for most of us… YES! Well, the one thing I don’t like about whipping up those holiday meals, is that the leftovers usually have to be thrown away before I can warm them back up 😦  Now, I will admit that sometimes it’s because my kids are so greedy, they don’t close the container or freezer bag tight, so freezer burn sets in or one food starts tasting like another. Talk about heated?!  All that hard work, time and food wasted! I plan on making a few changes to prevent that from happening, yet, another year.

Right now, I’m in the midst of planning this years turkey dinner, I try to come up with a different side dish or make one a little different from last year. Some things don’t change, though. The must-haves each year are:.

I usually add baked Jambalaya, made with Turkey Kielbasa, potato salad, yams, rolls, cornbread and more pies… Mmm!

Feeding a family of 6 (plus whichever friends they invite) can be a bit of a challenge in the meal planning efforts. Unless you’re a chef or something along those lines, you can easily underestimate how much food you need to prepare.. Remember, I’m a truck driver and website owner. Although I can cook my butt off, I stay out of the kitchen as much as possible! Like I said, I have greedy kids, but they’re lazy as you know what, at the same time. They all disappear as soon as they’re full. Lol

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