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Pink and Brown Flowers 7pc Bed-in-a-Bag

Blossom In Your Bedroom!

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When you wake up, before you actually get up, do you feel like a sunflower or rose coming alive and blooming?! Do you stretch out your arms like your reaching for the sun, just like a budding flower? If you answered, “Yes“… WONDERFUL! But, if you answered “No,” why not? Hopefully we can help you with that 🙂

Each day, we wake up, should be a fresh, new day for us to blossom! It would be great if we could experience this feeling each and every day, right? Unfortunately, we all do have our not-so-great mornings The good news is that we can dress up our bedroom to help ensure that we wake up to the picture-perfect bedroom that encourages and inspires us, when we rise and shine.

Does your bedroom decor give you a spark of energy? Depending on your personality, you may be uplifted by bright colors, or maybe darker surroundings. Today, we’re going to give you a couple of ideas for how you can blossom in your bedroom, by adding a touch of flower to your current bedroom decor.




Goal Setting Overwhelm Overload Busted!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the idea of planning and working toward your short termmid term and long term goals? Or are you thinking, “What should my goals be?” No worries! This is a very common question many of us have asked ourselves time and time again. It’s like you know you need a change… some type of change… but what? Truth is, because it’s so easy to “keep on keeping on”, we often get comfortable and settle for “good enough” because it’s not that bad, right?

goal setting quote picture

If the idea of steering your life in a new direction is so overwhelming that you don’t make any type of change…PLEASE SHAKE THAT UNCERTAINTY OFF! Let’s take this goal setting thing one baby step at a time, ok? I want you to look at your long-term goals (remember, this could be a 5-10 year goal), and break that goal down into many mini-goals, if you will. This is how your short term and mid-term goals are developed. Here’s an example I want you to follow. We’ll use a fake person named Sue:

In 5 years Sue decided she wants to be a self-employed Life Coach. She feels she has the people skills needed to be a really good Life Coach who can help others weave through the road blocks that are stopping them from making progress toward achieving their goals and dreams.

Sue works a full time job, and is a single mother of 3 children, so her schedule is pretty tight, only allowing her, maybe, 10 hours each week to work toward her goal of becoming a Life Coach.

Sue’s first list of short term goals are:

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Bring Out Your Colorful Character

It’s no secret that color, character and mood have a lot of influence over each other. The colors you choose to incorporate into your surroundings (wall color, clothing, etc.) say a lot about the type of person you are. Whether you have an outgoing personality, or are more of an introvert, by nature, the color schemes you prefer, may say more about you than you think.



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What do your favorite colors say about you? Let’s see how closely science relates to your reality 🙂


  • Stable
  • Calming
  • Trustworthy

You may have noticed that many websites, especially in the financial market, are primarily blue. This is because the color blue doesn’t make you feel rushed or anxious. You can check out the websites of SouthTrust Bank and Chase Bank to see how they use the color blue in their website design.



How To Upgrade Your Space On a Budget

With Spring just around the corner, you may be wondering how you can upgrade your home or office without blowing your savings or being broke each payday. Well, here are a few tips and suggestions that will help you get it done with no regrets! 

Prioritize your rooms

First, figure out which rooms you’d like to spruce up a bit.. Since most of us work with a tight budget, when it comes to updating our home, let’s just work on one room at a time. This will help you figure out all the supplies you’ll need for the rest of the rooms you’ll be working on. Trust me, chances are, you’ll feel like a yo-yo, going back and forth to the store to get that one little think you forgot, while upgrading your first room.

For the sake of time, I’ll just talk about general concepts to consider, that you can use in each room you’re going to upgrade.The bigger the project, the more detailed you’ll get. Let us know if we can help you find the answers or resources to help you get the project done. We’re here to help!

Shopping online is a great way to compare prices, get exclusive discounts and coupons.

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Colors and textures

color palette

Each room should have its own look and feel, but still be somewhat related to the look and feel of the other rooms in your home or office. To get your creative juices flowing, follow this thought process:

  • Do you want to completely change the room color and texture? If so, wall paint will be your best bet. You can find some really good deals on paint colors that someone thought they wanted, but decided against. I once received 80% off two gallons of paint this way! Check with your local Home DepotLowe’sAce Hardware and general store (yes, they do still exist! Lol) to see if they have any such treasures. Take your time and shop around. Also, look for sales, coupons and deals on the painting supplies you will need.
  • What is the focal point of the room? Sometimes, something as simple as adding a decorative throw pillow or throw blanket with brilliant colors, can change the focal point of a room. If you can’t go all the way with new flooring, add another splash of color, using a creative throw rug, and BAM… your space will POP!
  • You’d be surprised at how a few new light fixtures can go a long way! A few cool new lamps and ceiling fans are always an easy, and budget-friendly solution to changing up a room’s look and feel. Start checking for sales now, though. The warmer it gets outside, the closer to boiling over your budget will get.

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We would love to see what projects you’re working on, from beginning to end! So, would you please email us some pictures of your work in progress? You could be an inspiration to others who are thinking about small and big office or home decor upgrade projects, too. Thanks a bunch!                                                

Growing Stains

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What are growing stains, you ask. Those things that stick to us like glue! They are more commonly referred to as habits. Since I’m talking about stains, yes, I’m talking about the bad habits we struggle to change.

life gets better with change

Isn’t it crazy how changing good things, like our style of dress, trying out a new club or starting a new job, seems to bring upon a spark in us? I’ve never understood this, but have always invited this type of change.

But, why is it that when it comes to changing those ugly, bad habits, like smoking, drinking too much coffee, or starting down the path of living a healthier lifestyle, that we suddenly become anxious, frustrated and stressed? I don’t know either, but when you find out, please let me know 🙂

So, how’s it going with your New Year’s resolutions, so far? Have you lost a little weight? Are you seeing more tone in your muscles? Are you still eating the one salad, per day, that you swore to include in your meal planning efforts? No. What happened? How did you get off track? Have you resigned your resolutions until next New Year, again, or are you planning to start back on that path a little later this year? Let’s talk about it!


Question… who said you need to make those changes? Do you feel the need to make them or was the thought of changing that habit initiated by something someone said? My take on it is this… if you are trulyhappy with living the way you live, mind, body and soul, then why are you even thinking of changing anything? I do believe we can all improve in the different aspects of our lives, but to our liking, not someone else’s.

That’s the point of personal development. Evolve into the person you want to be.


Today Is a GREAT Day!

Yes, I think today is, and will continue to be, a GREAT day! What makes today so great? Well, it actually is just an ok day, but I’m determined to make it GREAT! Today started taking form, and was quite predictable, two days ago. On Friday, I took over driving at about 8:30pm in Pearl, Ms. I drove the last 379 miles home. After parking the truck and grabbing some breakfast, we arrived home at about 6am. Well, I am a morning person, so by time I finished unraveling, showering, etc., it was now about 7:20am. Guess what happens around that time? Good Morning sunshine!Lol

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Well, with the sun coming up and my brain waves moving at 100 mph, thinking of what had to get done this weekend, I figured I’d get some work done before the 17 year old’s basketball game that we had to drive 1-1/2 hours to get to. I’m not tired, nor sleepy so let’s ‘Get ‘Er Done!”.We have to leave by 11:30 for the 1:30 game, so what can I get done in those four hours. I think about it, quickly move in to action and next thing you know, it’s time to roll out.


So Long Summer: A Personal Gripe With a Twist

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Now it’s time to say ‘Goodbye’ to all our family…”

Yes, I’m a bit annoyed that, these days, it’s anyone’s guess as to when you’ll need to bring a jacket or sweater on your trip. Of course, this depends on where you’re located. So if you’re in Puerto Rico or some other tropical paradise… yeah, I’m hating on you! Lol Thankfully, it’s been quite toasty just about everywhere these last couple of weeks. Trust me, I’m soaking it all in. Unfortunately, the Back to School season is followed by just about every person in my household celebrating a birthday (August, September, October and November), then topped off by “The Holidays”. In my world, we fast-forward past the Fall season quick, fast and in a hurry!

However, I am one who believes “the cup is half full” in any and every situation. I’d like to think I stay ahead of certain recurring issues. Even though I don’t get a complete jump on the situation, I feel confident that I can at least minimize the negative effects of the Winter. What comes with the Winter and The Holidays? For many of us (yes, I know I’m not in this alone)… staying indoors much more and eating too much!  Read entire post



accepting what you can’t change.

Great post! There are always excuses for why NOT to do things. Don’t use energy on what you can’t change. Use all of your energy on what you can change.

hearts on sleeves club

When people ask me how I lost my weight, I always tell them that I simply changed my life. I changed my eating habits, I changed my exercise habits, and I changed my emotional habits. Losing weight is not about being on a diet, it’s about learning to be healthy. In doing so, keeping your weight off will be easy, because you have learnt to do so. Learning to live your life a completely different way is no easy task, but it is possible. See, the problem with diets is that they are for a limited time only. You set out on a 3 month venture to lose the weight and you’ve cut out all of your carbs to fit into that dress for your wedding. While many people succeed in doing this, it is important to realize that they have only succeeded in losing the weight. Not keeping it…

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Amazon Fathers Day 2014

Don’t forget about those extra special Dads in your life!

I’m not superstitious by far. Yes, when I was little, I played the ‘Step on a crack and break your mother’s back game. I didn’t put a literal meaning to it, though. This date holds a much more profound mark in my life.

I couldn’t help it! 11 years ago, today, I took a giant leap into the uncertain world of self-employment… YEAH! I turned my two-week notice in to my supervisor. He asked, “Ms. Scott are you sure you want to do this?” I did and I did. Thinking about it over the weekend wasn’t an option. No. I was ready to go and put my county government job behind me.

I have no regrets, never turned back. Sure, there’s been ups and plenty of downs. But, the ups have been so great, it makes the downs seem petty. “And this, too, shall pass.” How dare we complain, right?! Lol The transportation industry has its seasons. From what I gather, just about every industry does. If nobody tells you, it’s a learning process, which can take years to figure out. As long as you’re in an industry that you love and offers an opportunity for growth and continued inspiration, the lessons learned are well worth it. 

I have always urged people to go for their goals. Follow their dreams. Don’t take ‘No’ for an answer. When I’m asked by a ‘wanna-preneur’, “What kind of business should I start”, I ask the questions, “If all of your needs, and a reasonable amount of wants are met, what would you do for free?” This is the best way to start down the journey of self-employment/ entrepreneurship. Think about what drives you and what will keep you driven. What will have you put in a few more hours at night to get the business up and running? There are tons of business you can start or buy into, that will bring you monetary returns. But that becomes just another job when your heart isn’t in it.  Read the full article