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Goal Setting Overwhelm Overload Busted!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the idea of planning and working toward your short termmid term and long term goals? Or are you thinking, “What should my goals be?” No worries! This is a very common question many of us have asked ourselves time and time again. It’s like you know you need a change… some type of change… but what? Truth is, because it’s so easy to “keep on keeping on”, we often get comfortable and settle for “good enough” because it’s not that bad, right?

goal setting quote picture

If the idea of steering your life in a new direction is so overwhelming that you don’t make any type of change…PLEASE SHAKE THAT UNCERTAINTY OFF! Let’s take this goal setting thing one baby step at a time, ok? I want you to look at your long-term goals (remember, this could be a 5-10 year goal), and break that goal down into many mini-goals, if you will. This is how your short term and mid-term goals are developed. Here’s an example I want you to follow. We’ll use a fake person named Sue:

In 5 years Sue decided she wants to be a self-employed Life Coach. She feels she has the people skills needed to be a really good Life Coach who can help others weave through the road blocks that are stopping them from making progress toward achieving their goals and dreams.

Sue works a full time job, and is a single mother of 3 children, so her schedule is pretty tight, only allowing her, maybe, 10 hours each week to work toward her goal of becoming a Life Coach.

Sue’s first list of short term goals are:

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The Character Challenge: Week 3

The Character Challenge: Week 3 is the final in a series of blog posts designed to help you identify the areas of your person that you need to work on improving. The Character Challenge: Week 2 received such a great response! I am so glad to see you take the first step in working to bring out the better you 🙂

If you haven’t already, please go back to the beginning of this challenge and get caught up. Remember that writing down your goals is key! So, answer the three questions in the comments section at the bottom of each blog post. If you want to keep your response just between us, don’t hesitate to email me. I’m here to help, not judge you 🙂 

Click on the links below to get caught up on The Character Challenge:

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2. The Character Challenge: Week 1

3. The Character Challenge: Week 2

Remember, the goal is to go deep into each character trait you want to work on, and create a plan of action to start turning that negative into a positive. As always, you can refer to the blog post series I wrote on goal setting, and/ or contact me for help with setting your goals:

  1. Life Transformation – Setting a Pre-Goal Setting Mindset
  2. Best Practices For Setting Life Transforming Goals – Short Term Goals
  3. Best Practices For Setting Life Transforming Goals – Mid Term Goals
  4. Best Practices For Setting Life Transforming Goals – Long Term Goals
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     We’re here to help you learn to live and love your life!

Now, on to this week’s list of character traits for you to choose from: 


The Character Challenge: Week 2

The Character Challenge: Week 1” was a HUGE success… THANK YOU and CONGRATS! I am so glad to see you take the first step in learning how to live and love your life to the fullest. The purpose of this exercise is to help you tackle your goal, one small piece at a time. So, keep writing down your goals and reaching them, one step at a time. When you look back at where you started… what an inspirational story you will have to tell!

The Character Challenge: Week 2

This week, I want you to look at another list of three character traits and see which one you need to work on. Remember, this could be a little hard to do. Trust me when I say I know that change is hard, no matter how big or little. Keep in mind that you will be in a much happier place… one goal at a time.

If you have not read, “The Character Challenge: Week 1 and left your responses in the comments section, or emailed your reaponses to me, I urge you to do that now. Also, if you haven’t read “The Character Challenge: Intro to a 3-Part Series to Help Clarify Your Personal Development Journey,” This article explains the purpose of the challenge. At the end of the day, I want you to feel about setting, starting and achieving your personal development journey 🙂

So, let’s get started with this week’s six character traits. Take a look at each character trait and its description. Then, I want you to choose one character trait to work on improving. In the comments section below or, in an email that only I will see, answer these three questions. You can read my responses below and follow my example. Ready… set… go!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

May this Valentine’s Day find you in the company that you want to keep 🙂 Don’t settle for less than you want. Life is too short for that! Have you given into the hype that you have to be with someone… anyone on Valentine’s Day? For what? Candy, flowers or bragging rights that you received an expensive piece of jewelry? I hope and pray that you’re not living that kind of life!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Be your own Valentine first 🙂

So, what are you up to this super-charged, romantic day? Movies, dinner… what? Are you planning on spending it alone, cuddled up with a good book, or a good tv marathon? That’s cool, too 🙂  In either case, is it what you want to do or is it by force, not by choice? Basically… are you living and loving your life, day in and day out?

I often wonder why so many people say that they live their life for themselves, but get caught up in what society says they’re supposed to be doing, and who they should be doing it with. Where along life’s journey, do people become so afraid of expressing themselves, that they eventually end up representing someone else dreams and expectations?

We all have heard the saying, “Life is too short.” That is totally true! So, what would it take for you to live the life that you could completely love? Isn’t living the lifestyle you desire, the whole reason behind every decision you’ve made? If it hasn’t been for you, then who?

I’m sure you’ve had suggestions, from family and friends, to live this way or follow that path… go to college or the military, get this degree, etc. I will say that, as a parent, it is hard to see our kids make certain kinds of decisions. We feel we know what’s best for our little one’s, and we do, for the most part. But not always for the most important part... fulfilling their dreams.

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Perfect example… I sent my oldest off to attend college in NY to major in Audio/ Video Production (his choice). He ended up a theater major. That was a hard pill for me to swallow, but it was his reality. Not easy to support, especially since I was raised by a “starving artist” and know the struggle that more than likely is in his future.


“Great” to “Good Lord!” Customer Service Experiences

I hope you had a wonderful week, especially if you’re in the southeast, considering the weather. Has it been wet or what?! Well, that’s what I heard. Actually, my husband, Mike and I, took the kids on a family reunion cruise last week. First stop was Coco Cay. Then on to Nassau, Bahamas. It was a little bit rainy there, too. It rained on our way to Florida, while we were in Florida and spots of drizzle here and there while in The Bahamas. Hurricane season… ’nuff said! Lol But the rain was much appreciated because it helped cool the temps down big time!

cruise paddle boat pic 7.9.14FYI… We never did make it to the other island. Lol

Anyway, I figured this trip offered tons of good examples of the different levels of customer service and the lessons we can learn from them. I’m going to share just a few of them. So let’s get the party started, shall we?Day 1 – Luggage issues – I was ill-informed by a family member that we could bring on 2 bottles of bubbly per paid cabin. 3 cabins equals 6 bottles, right? Wrong! (Mike and I were celebrating our anniversary) Long story short, my luggage was held from 11am when I checked them in until approximately 6:30pm. Good news is, they only took 1 bottle. It was the cheap stuff so… Hehe. Crazy part is, we didn’t drink any of them!

The biggest problem I had was with the level of service we received when told to go to the 6th floor to claim the bags. The clerk had such a nasty attitude when telling us, “It’s not here yet.” I wondered if he even wanted to be here. There’s never a good reason to be so rude, especially when someone is inquiring about their property. With this being one of the first encounters with a crew member, I wondered if they were all going to offer the same level of customer service. I am glad to report that, no, thankfully he was the exception!

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Day 2 – Laundry Service issues – Our special family reunion dinner was on the 2nd day, so the dress code was a bit more formal, black and white. Well, my husband and the boys, needed their suits ironed. (The cruise confiscated Mike’s iron until the end of the trip.) They sent their clothes down to the laundry service at about 3:30pm and was told getting them back by 5:15 was no problem. WRONG! Apparently, getting them back by 6:20 was a problem. So much for dressing up for our 5:45 dinner seating 😦 We received a number of apologies, but that didn’t discount the even bigger number of lies, from “They’re already done and on the way to your stateroom.” to “They’ll be done in 3-5 minutes.” Honesty beats out unrealistic expectations any day of the week! Read entire post

Nassau Ind Day fireworks 7.9.14

We were leaving the Port of Nassau as the Bahamian Independence Day Celebration began

Tiny Steps Go A Long Way

It’s not unusual for a person to feel as if they constantly need to upgrade themselves or make some sort of drastic change, either mentally or physically. It’s common for young people to want to get cosmetic surgery to fix this, that and the other ‘defect’. “if the superstars do it, and they have already made it, then how would I stand a chance?” That is sad to hear young kids and adults say, but it is a reality.

I’m not going to make this a sermon on how each person should accept what they were given. I will, however, say that change can and should be a beautiful, life-long situation. I love seeing my kids read uplifting and inspiration books. My 24 year old, Andre, is ran aspiring actor. His latest inspirational read is “Quiet Storm“, the Tony Dungee story.I t’s about developing and maintaining a winning attitude, from what I understand. There is always something in our life we can improve upon, strengthen, adjust or simply eliminate.

Now, does that mean that something is wrong with us? Of course not! Our life is a work in progress. Therefore, it is great to yearn new good habits, for example, eating healthier. I don’t care if you’re 5’5″ and weigh only 130 lbs, you may look great on the outside, but be in the worst mental and medical shape of everybody else in the same category. Growing starts with the mental. Then the physical and medical shall follow suit.

It is said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. I would suggest that, if you are interested in seeing what in your life could stand some minor or major improvement, look around you. Are your friends and family doing anything “right”, in your eyes? If not, what could they stand to give a little energy toward improving? Are these same negatives a part of your personal make-up?  Read the entire blog post

accepting what you can’t change.

Great post! There are always excuses for why NOT to do things. Don’t use energy on what you can’t change. Use all of your energy on what you can change.

hearts on sleeves club

When people ask me how I lost my weight, I always tell them that I simply changed my life. I changed my eating habits, I changed my exercise habits, and I changed my emotional habits. Losing weight is not about being on a diet, it’s about learning to be healthy. In doing so, keeping your weight off will be easy, because you have learnt to do so. Learning to live your life a completely different way is no easy task, but it is possible. See, the problem with diets is that they are for a limited time only. You set out on a 3 month venture to lose the weight and you’ve cut out all of your carbs to fit into that dress for your wedding. While many people succeed in doing this, it is important to realize that they have only succeeded in losing the weight. Not keeping it…

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