Home Decor Holiday Hookup

As the holidays are quickly approaching, I looked at my home decor and said, “Isn’t this the way it looked last year?” Unfortunately, not only was the answer, “Yep!”, but quickly followed by, “Actually, it’s been the same for the past five years.” Wow! Has time flown or what?! The last time we did any major redecorating, was for the big Thanksgiving feast we hosted in 2009. We had family and friends coming in from Ca, Tx, Ma and NY so we had to go all in. Well, we haven’t hosted anything since, so we’ve only made small changes here and there.

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This year, we decided to add a few touches to the rooms on the main floor to give them a little pizzazz. At this point, even we’re tired of looking at the same ole same ole. So I decided to turn this into a blog post about how to hook up your home with just a few simple, but interesting pieces. Yes, we’re on a budget, like most Americans. If you’re a home decor professional or enthusiast, I would certainly love to get your input here because, unfortunately, I am not! Lol



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